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The Company has drawn up a general safety policy, which must be held in every region and displayed. The
statement must be brought to the attention of all Company employees as part of their Induction Training.

The Policy details the arrangements within the Company for ensuring Health, Safety and Welfare and
identifies the responsibilities for Health & Safety for all employees at all levels.

The Policy is reviewed at least annually and any amendments must be brought to the attention of all

Policy Statement

It is the Company’s policy to comply with the Health & Safety measures required by law, including Working
Time Regulations and to act positively to ensure that all premises are safe and healthy places in which to

The Company also recognises that the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, whether on Company
premises or carrying out Company business elsewhere, are primarily the responsibility of the management.

The Company recognises its responsibilities for the Health & Safety of others, whilst they are on our
premises and our neighbours in the community around us.

All employees are reminded that they have an important duty to conform to Health & Safety Policies and
Procedures, also to do everything that is required of them to prevent injury to themselves and others and
loss to the Company. To also comply with the various safety requirements of the Working time Regulations.

Within the Company the Regional manager is responsible for implementing this policy. All appropriate
resources are made available to ensure that this policy is maintained.

The Company is committed to progressively improving its Health & Safety performance and will monitor the
effectiveness of the Policy on a regular basis with a formal review annually.

The policy will be revised as often as may be appropriate following these reviews to ensure continuing
improvements in the Health & Safety standards within the Company.

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