BMS Corporate Limited

BMS Corporate Limited is committed to delivering an exceptional service to all clients. We understand the role and importance of all contributing elements involved in delivering our service. We are constantly striving to develop strategies that will improve, contribute and add value to our business partnerships for the ultimate
benefit of all parties.

It is our stated mission to be:

“A preferred supplier of people based security services in our chosen markets that is: trusted by our clients, admired by our competitors and valued by our employees”

In order to satisfy this mission we have recognised that we must achieve the following critical success factors

  • Obtain a clear understanding of your precise security requirements to ensure
    our service is correctly focussed.
  • Be aware of your priorities and constraints, reacting promptly when changing
    circumstances dictate.
  • Operate at the highest levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness
  • Build an alliance of trust with all parties for long term mutual benefits

Our mission statement, its success factors and our internal quality management system provide ourselves with motivation to deliver a quality approach to service delivery that we are very proud of.

We will ensure those that operate within the business understand this statement and
contribute to its effective implementation.

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